10 Years as a Body Combat Instructor – Latest GFOC Podcast

It’s been 10 years since I trained as a Body Combat instructor.

In this episode of Group Fitness Over Coffee you can listen to my thoughts on how the programme has evolved in that time.

10 Years as a Body Combat Instructor - Latest GFOC Podcast

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Hear my review of Les Mills Body Combat release 20 – my training release – which I’ve taught recently as a celebration.

Does BC20 stack up with the current class, BC60?

I can’t believe that 10 years have gone by since Maria Tablar wrote the word “pass” on my assessment form. It was an exciting time for a Body Combat instructor. Number 20 was the last release that Nathaniel and Gabby Levais choreographed before Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham took over.

Whilst the structure of a Body Combat class is exactly the same (warm up, alternating between combat and power tracks, a Muay Tai, conditioning and cooldown) the workout is very different now.

One think hasn’t changed though. Body Combat is still great fun. An empowering workout that can lift you out of your daily routine and put you in the middle of a martial arts movie.

Now it’s your turn:

If you enjoyed 10 Years as a Body Combat Instructor, tell me which release you trained on or took part in first. Have you ever gone back and done the full class again? Please post a comment or a link to your own review.

4 thoughts on “10 Years as a Body Combat Instructor – Latest GFOC Podcast

  1. I trained on release 10 with Dan the main man. Before that I remember ‘doctor doctor’ not sure which release that was or backstreet boys ‘the call’ which was Immense.

    1. Were you lucky enough to get My Sharona as your presentation track. One of my all time favourites. Also loved the swords in the opera cool down.

  2. I trained on release 12 with Pete Manuel. I remember this release too. Cult Of Snap is one of my favourite “fun” track 6’s. In the gaps rather than double up I’ll either add a little belly dancing (to distract your opponent) or if that doesn’t get a laugh or some participation, do some snake style kung fu movements. 🙂

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