11 great answers to beginner’s yoga questions

Yoga has changed my life. Since I started doing it 10 years ago I have become fitter, stronger and more flexible. I’m also calmer and more relaxed. Now I am also a teacher I have the joy of seeing these great things happening to other people.

When I talk to people who are thinking of giving it a go, or chat with beginners in class I find some of the same questions come up again and again.

answers to beginner's yoga questions

Here then are the answers to beginner’s yoga questions that people ask me most often. Just click on the question to link to a post that will answer that question.

Unsurprisingly the most common question is the simple but important: Should I try yoga?

Some people may have heard some bad things about yoga and will want to know: Is yoga safe? Or they may have read provocative newspaper articles which prompts them to question: Is yoga really good for you?

Flexibility is a concern for many people. They’ll want to know: Do I need to be flexible to do yoga? and then they want to know: How long will it take to get flexible by doing yoga? These are great questions and the answers can give the beginner much more confidence.

Unfortunately many men dismiss yoga as a fluffy practice that is just for the ladies. Some will take the time to ask: Is yoga any good for men?

Having overcome some of these issues thoughts usually turn to the different types of yoga. For example: What is the difference between traditional vs modern yoga? Then we move onto: What should I expect from a hatha yoga class? Or: What is power yoga and is it a good workout?

Fashion conscious participants may want to know:  What clothes to wear to a yoga class?

Despite getting answers to these questions people will naturally still be reluctant to go to a yoga class and might seek out videos or on-line classes that they can try in there own home. Here are 6 yoga teachers from around the world who have produced videos that you can watch and try out in your own time.

Over to you: These are only a few of the questions I get asked about yoga all the time. If you are a beginner what else would you like to know. Have you been practising for a while? Are there any questions that you would like to see answered here to help you progress? Please leave a comment in the box below or get in touch from my “Get in Touch” page.

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