1st Impressions of Les Mills Body Balance release 66 after Edinburgh Quarterly

I knew it wouldn’t be as hard.

Les Mills Body Balance release 66 is still a great release though.

1st Impressions of Les Mills Body Balance release 66 after Edinburgh Quarterly

In the last release we had five tracks, totalling 29 minutes, from the start of Standing Strength to the end of the Core Back track, of relentless intense work. The Balance and Hips tracks felt like extensions of Standing Strength.

The new one gives us more variety between intensity and flow. When the challenges come they are mean – the Core Abs track is relentlessly hard. As tough as anything you’ll see in CXWorx or Body Combat.

Our trainer for the Edinburgh Quarterly was Bram. He’s a lovely instructor with a beaming smile and a relaxed manner. He told us not to take things too seriously.

“It’s only an aerobics class after all,” he said.

Bram also encouraged us to search for some cheesy cues as well as serious ones. “Because people want to have fun in class as well,” he added.

Great work Bram. Just how I like it.

Bram’s education session was equally enlightening. I learned a good few nuggets to take away and use, not only in my Body Balance classes, but also my Yoga sessions.

So what sticks in my mind about Les Mills Body Balance release 66?

  • Lovely flowing arm circles in the Tai Chi remind me of some of my favourite tracks from the early days
  • A different take on the Sun Salutations with a long lead in phase where we experiment with the moves that eventually merge together into the main sequence
  • A Power Vinyasa flow feel to a tough Standing Strength track.
  • First time for Flower Pose in the Balance track. A variation of Dancer’s. This is a tricky one – remember to bend your supporting leg.
  • Two Core Abs tracks. Both of them, “OUCH!”
  • Perhaps the longest ever Twists track.

Now I’m in learning mode again it looks like we have another great release to challenge us for the next three months.

Coming soon to a club near you.

Now it’s your turn:

What do you think of Les Mills Body Balance release 66? Were you at the Quarterlies? What did you think of the presentation? Please leave a comment or post a lik to your own blog.

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