5 Reasons to Start Yoga Before the Holidays

It’s a great time of year to consider taking up yoga.

I’m serious.

I know you’re thinking the opposite. With wind howling and rain lashing against the windows the last thing you want is to go to a yoga class, right? Plus you have Christmas presents to buy, parties to go to, and Christmas dinner to plan.

Although it’s fun, Christmas brings stress into your life. Yoga helps you relax. If you’re busy with work you might have stopped exercising. Yoga helps you strengthen and tone your body.

5 Reasons to Start Yoga

Yoga is exercise for your mind and your body.

Here are 5 benefits of yoga. 5 Reasons to start yoga before the holidays.

Less stressed

You combine the physical exercises you do in yoga with relaxation and breathing techniques creating calmness and a lower heart rate.

Enhanced mindfulness and mental calm can leave you feeling less stressed.


Apart from the more cardio-based forms of yoga, such as Power Yoga, you won’t find that your energy fade during a yoga class. Indeed you will find yourself re-energised and feeling quite vigorous after class.

Better flexibility

You don’t need much flexiblility to start doing yoga, but every class you attend will make you more flexible. Yoga moves stretch your body and over time will increase your range of motion.

Better muscle tone

Yoga tones your muscles. Most of the poses involve either strengthening or stretching. You can develop long lean muscles with yoga. In fact you can work pretty much every muscle in the body.

And the flow of exercises mean you’ll get a cardiovascular work out as well and getting stronger.

Better posture

Improved flexibility and increased strength improves your posture. You will find that your balance will get better too.

And finally everyone benefits. Don’t listen to the clichés. You don’t have to be a bendy girl to do yoga. No matter what your age, size, shape or level of fitness you do it and see results.

Now it’s Your Turn:

So even though it’s nearly Christmas and you’re busy. Even though you have a hundred things to do. Get yourself along to a Yoga class.

Or at least book yourself a block of classes for the New Year. Make Yoga your Christmas present to yourself.

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