Aftermath of the Ash Cloud

So the skies are open again. Everyone is hailing Willie Walsh, CEO of British Airways as a hero for forcing the Government to reverse their decision to keep UK airspace closed because of the perceived threat of the volcanic ash cloud. A bit of brinkmanship with 26 Boeing 747s and everything is back to normal.

Well sort of. Thousands of people are still stuck abroad. Holidays have been ruined. Business has been lost. And others have blatantly profiteered from their misery.

The Government admits that it over reacted to the potential risk. But don’t they always?

They over reacted to SARS – predicting millions of deaths – which never, fortunately, happened. They over reacted to Swine Flu and spent billions on vaccinations and pills, and then had to sell vast surpluses on the cheap. They over reacted to the volcanic ash cloud and again cost the economy billions. Is it better to be cautious and spend unbelieveable sums just in case? Or should there be a better sense of proportion and realistic planning?

Whatever – there is a pattern here. Over react. Spend billions. Realise you have over reacted. Count the losses. Then go and do exactly the same when the next crisis emerges.

And if the Government were wrong about SARS, Swine Flu, and the ash cloud, why do we think that they are correct about Climate Change?

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