Battle Cry – Review of Les Mills Body Combat release 67

Thanks for asking why I haven’t written a review of Les Mills Body Combat release 67.

Is it because I didn’t like it?


It’s just that I’ve been busy.

So here are my quick thoughts (as I’m sure everyone is already hard at work learning number 68).

Review of Les Mills Body Combat release 67

Upper Body Warm Up – I’m An Albatraoz (Sunny Dee Remix) – 4kast

Is this the simplest choreography for an upper body warm up ever? Great for beginners and experts alike. Let’s drill the main punches and warm up the body with a shuffle from side to side. Musically dreadful. Why is it though that you end singing the words to dreadful songs for days afterwards?

Lower Body Warm Up – Fight For Your Right! (Yelhigh! Remix Edit) – Boogie Bros feat. Big Daddi

The first of three songs in this release we’ve heard in Body Combat before. Drilling the kicks is unremarkable. Coming onto the floor for mountain climbers in a warm up was a shock at first. Good way to get warm quick.

Combat 1 – Thnks Fr Th Mmrs – Fall Out Boy

First heard in release 34, this power driven rock anthem is a highlight for me. Easy to learn and fun to teach. Anyone tempted to surprise (or would that be confuse) their participants by bring back the choreography from the first outing?

Power training 1 – Set You Free (Hixxy Remix)N-Trance

The third appearance of this song in Body Combat. Previously in releases 20 and 40 I guess it’s overdue as release 60 would have established a definite pattern. Everyone knows the song but the new combos are fresh enough to make it stand out as one of the best in the class.

Combat 2 – Chopstick (Mado Kara Mieru) – Scooter

The endless kick kata – say it – two knees, side kick and four front kicks caused pain way back at launch. I’ve kept this track in for the full 3 months as it’s a killer on the legs.

Back on the floor for more ground work. People are used to this now. As an experiment one day I offered an alternative set of moves. A year ago most would have taken them choosing not to hit the floor. This time everyone did hit the floor. Again people are used to this now.

Power training 2 – Sound Bang – The Noble Ascent

A Caribbean limbo vibe during the intro gives us a brief fun break before beasting the shoulders with endless upper cuts. Another dancey break halfway through before the sprinting section raises the hear rate to overload.

A good example of a “grower” song. Hated it at first but came to love it.

Combat 3 – Bottles Up – Vandalisim & Risk

Loads of jump kicks. A break for some capoeira lunges and then back to jump kicks. Dire music and not a “grower”.

Muay Thai – Breathe – Tickling Transit

Driving music with disappointing moves. Not the best Muay Thai track. It’s tough but repetitive.

Power training 3 – Surrender (Clubland Mix) – Al Storm feat. Amy

Powerhouse finale. I like the four styles of jabs in the middle section. Creates focus. Develops power.

Conditioning – Hard – Rihanna feat. Jezzy

So hard. So hard. Side planks. Ouch.

Cool down – Battle Cry – Havana Brown feat. Bebe Rexha & Savi

Someone asked for this song on Facebook. And described the words as “This is my Bathroom Light!” Battle Cry will never be the same again.

A solid release then. Tracks 2-5 stand out and will return. A few, for me, dire pieces of music (1 and 6) prevent this from being a perfect 10. People enjoyed the workout and I didn’t mix for ages at their request. The new format is established now and people are used to it.

Now it’s your turn:

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