Becoming a Group Fitness Instructor in the UK – GFOC Podcast 11

Have you ever wanted to become a Group Fitness Instructor?

In this episode of Group Fitness Over Coffee, I go through what you need to do to get qualified, either a a general Exercise to Music instructor or a Les Mills Instructor.

Group Fitness Over Coffee Podcast

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Welcome to the latest episode of the Group Fitness Over Coffee Podcast. A new shorter format. Either just me and the mic, or a short and snappy interview format.

Watch out for my regular guest Simon Philp coming along in the next few weeks to talk about Les Mills Body Combat release 61.

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  1. What is your Group Fitness Story and how has it impacted your life? Whether you’re a participant, instructor, master trainer, or program director, we’d love to hear about your inspiring journey and share it with others. Please click here to get in touch and let us know how group fitness has made a difference in your life.

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