Behind the scenes Body Combat release 56 rehearsals

When you are sweating away in a Body Combat class, kicking and punching and fighting for your fitness, you rarely think about the company behind the class – Les Mills.

For each of their many fitness classes, they release a new set of routines and music every 3 months. And in order for everyone in clubs all over the world to enjoy a fresh new and challenging experience they work to a time-table 2 quarters ahead.

So if you are working out to Body Combat release 54 – Les Mills will have already filmed Body Combat release 55 – and will be prepping and rehearsing for Body Combat release 56.

Recently they have started releasing teaser videos of the imminent next release. Now here is another treat. A video showing the preparation and rehearsals for the release after that. We won’t see Body Combat release 56 in the UK until June/July 2013 – so enjoy this little insight.

Your turn: What do you think of this sneak look behind the scenes Body Combat release 56 TWO releases ahead? Is it too much too soon? Or do you like the treat of a teaser? Click below where it says “Leave a reply” and share your thoughts.

Thanks to Simon Philp for sending me the link to this. Check out his blog here.

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