First Impressions of Body Balance Release 58 after Edinburgh Quarterly Workshop

As I drove to Virgin Active in the Omni Centre I wondered whether Body Balance Release 58 could be harder than the last one – where the core training was about the toughest exercise I have ever done and I was proud of my participants for hanging on in there.

The Edinburgh Quarterly Workshop was heaving. I spotted only two other male teachers out of a room full of over 50 ladies. The Les Mills trainer this time was Andrew Alleyne. He’s always friendly, always precise and always delivers great ideas for cues and teaching points. Well done Andrew for teaching the first 4 tracks without a microphone whilst the Virgin Active techies fiddled with knobs and wires to try to restore the sound.

Body Balance Release 58 Edinburgh Quartelry Workshop
The packaging for the CD and DVD.

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Here are my first impressions of the release:

  • The tai chi warm up is very simple and very short. Blink and you will miss it. It is good then that we repeat the moves later in the class.
  • The sun salutations is just as challenging as the last one – just substitute side planks with triceps dips and lunges.
  • “Next To Me” by Emelie Sande is the music for the standing strength track. I’ve heard this on the radio for months. Great to put some powerful moves to it.
  • Andrew described the Balance track as “quirky”. I’d describe it as wobbly.
  • The Core Abs and the Core Back tracks are not as out-and-out lethal as the last ones but are still extremely challenging. And Bird Pose is back. We see this once every 18 months or so in Body Balance which is just enough time to forget how to do it. Best get learning how to fly again.
  • Fabulous music called “Paradise” by Cold Play for the Twists track.

Andrew finished us off by making us hold down dog, tree pose and frog pose for five minutes each. If anyone knows a dignified way to get out of frog pose please let me know.

Body Balance Release 58 looks like another challenging class with great music (with some sing along potential) and a little eccentricity. Can’t wait to teach it.

Over to you: If you are a Les Mills Body Balance instructor what did you think of this new release? What stood out for you? Please leave a comment below and share your impressions.

Click here to watch the taster video for Body Balance release 58.

One thought on “First Impressions of Body Balance Release 58 after Edinburgh Quarterly Workshop

  1. Just taught Body Balance release 58 for the first time this morning – twice. It is fabulous, great songs and very challenging moves. My legs and bum are on fire. This is going to be a teeth gritter.

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