First Impressions of Body Balance release 59 after the Edinburgh Quarterly Workshops December 2012

What a lovely day to go on the training for Body Balance release 59. It was bitterly cold but bright sunlight washed over the Pentland hills as I drove towards Craiglockhart Leisure Centre.

Once there things heated up quickly – I think the air conditioning was stuck on warm because I was sweating like a tap after only five minutes. First up was some education and presenter, Sarah Durnford, took us through some breathing exercises to add depth to Warrior 2, Lunge, and Dancer’s poses. It’s amazing what a difference to the exercise intensity you can bring with a little more breath focus.

Body Balance release 59 Edinburgh Quarterly Workshops
Sarah doing a standing split at the Quarterly Workshop for BB59

Soon it was time to experience the masterclass. I’ve not seen Sarah before but she has a very precise style and eased us all into greater challenges. These are my first impressions of Body Balance release 59.

  • Like last time the music choice is quite upbeat and once again this makes the exercises seem harder
  • I like the cover version of U2’s With or Without You for the sun salutations but I think the original would have been even better
  • In the standing strength the music is very tribal sounding hence some of the tribal inspired changes to the warrior poses
  • Dancer’s pose is back in the Balance track – always a welcome addition
  • For the third release in a row the core abs track is a real tough one. I hope you like hovers. Not sure about the “western – Annie Get Your Gun Music” though
  • There is a standing split on the last track. As you can see from the photo, Sarah is very good at this. I’m not
  • We relax to the beautiful piano sounds of Stanton Lanier – and once again I make a note to myself to buy one of his albums

I had already watched the DVD before the quarterly workshop and I must admit I found the Diana and Jackie Mills double act a little grating. It spoiled my first impression of the class. Therefore I was hoping Sarah would sell the class better.She explained that they filmed it deliberately like that so that Diana used the set up cues and Jackie did follow-up and feel. I get it now.

And Sarah did sell it! Body Balance release 59 continues a long run of very good classes. It’s quirky and some might find the music a little less “balancey” than usual, but the extra tempo motivates you to work harder.

Over to you: Have you tried Body Balance release 59? What do you think of the level of intensity? Go on! Leave a comment. Just click below where it says “Leave a Reply” and share your thoughts.

If you want to watch the video teaser trailer for Body Balance release 59 – please click here.

2 thoughts on “First Impressions of Body Balance release 59 after the Edinburgh Quarterly Workshops December 2012

  1. Completely agree with your comments Roger! Sarah is a great teacher, very clear and precise. She coaxed us into postures so that you didn’t feel as if you were working too hard (although sweating hard) that flowed with the music. I have to admit though I am only just getting the full use of my adductors and hamstrings today after a few painful days!!! (Haven’t felt that sore for ages!!!). Loved it!

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