First Impressions of Body Combat release 54 after the Glasgow Quarterly Workshops November 2012

It’s time to learn the next set of Les Mills releases – and it looks like they are challenging and exciting.

As I drove towards Broadwood Stadium through torrential rain I was looking forward to an afternoon of Body Balance. When I arrived and looked at the sign in sheet, I realised I’d misread the itinery. It was actually the Glasgow quarterly workshops for Body Combat release 54.

Oh no, I thought. I had yoga style clothes on, and had left my martial arts gloves and my bandana at home. Everyone else was looking great in their almost theatrical outfits. I felt naked. So it was on with the show.

Body Combat release 54 glasgow quarterly workshops
Tanya Walker leading the masterclass for Body Combat release 54.

Tanya Walker, who is head UK trainer for Body Combat delivered the masterclass for Body Combat release 54. This was her first presentation after recently having a baby and she was on top form. Motivational, funny, inspiring and she dealt with the failure of the microphone by just chucking it aside and using her own vocal skills instead.

Here are my first impressions of Body Combat release 54:

  • It felt much more cardio than the last couple of classes – there are no capoeira moves – though we get an amazing leg work out in track two
  • The BPM in the lower body warm up is higher than in track two
  • For a few releases I have felt that track two has been short and a little dull. This one is long, tough and exhausting. And you know you still have 45 minutes to go afterwards
  • Remember how in the last release there was one sequence with endless uppercuts? This time it’s hooks.
  • The Muay Thai track is another piece of thumping techno music and is a huge workout with millions of knee strikes and push front kicks
  • There is a new move in the conditioning track which will be hard to teach at first but it is going to create results
  • Tanya complained that as she had just given birth that this new move “hurt her fanny”. I suspect I’ll not use in my script

For the first time in my experience, Tanya invited instructors up to the front to shadow with her. She picked me, naked and gloveless and bandana-free, and a few others to help with the Muay Thai track. It was a blur of knees and sweat and tears. This was a great way to motivate the instructors.

Watch out Edinburgh, I mean really watch out. Body Combat release 54 is coming your way.

Over to you: Have you tried Body Combat release 54? What do you think of the level of intensity? Did you get to shadow with a master trainer? Go on! Leave a comment. Share your thoughts.

Click here to watch the teaser trailer video for Body Combat release 54.

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