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Fastest Roller Coaster in the World at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

In my latest Vlog let’s take a trip to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi with its amazing gigantic building.

We’ll check out Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster in the world. The go karts. Flying Aces, another roller coaster with the world’s highest non-inverting loop.

And experience the Ferrari themed “Red” acrobatics and dance show.

There’s nothing business oriented about this Vlog. It’s just good fun.

It’s the second of three Vlogs from Abu Dhabi – check in soon for a review of the St. Regis Hotel Saadiyat Island.

Now it’s your turn:

What’s the most insane ride you’ve ever been on? Maybe it’s a smaller ride like the Wild Mouse at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Or a gigantic roller coaster like Millennium Force at Cedar Point in Ohio. Please leave a comment or share on social media.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and the Fastest Roller Coaster in the World

Abu Dhabi bound, BA Club and Simon Hackett Shiraz – RogVLOG – 5

Have a look at this episode of RogVLOG. Join me on a British Airways flight to Abu Dhabi.

Our first time travelling on the brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Have a look at the BA Club World Cabin from the rear facing middle seat.

And discover a delicious red Shiraz wine from the fabulously named “Simon Hackett” label.

It’s the first of three Vlogs from Abu Dhabi – check in soon for an amazing trip to Ferrari World and the fastest roller coaster on the planet.

Now it’s your turn:

Over the years I’ve picked up some great travel tips. How to collect air miles quickly and cash them in for business class flights. The best seating options. Which credit cards to go for. Which airline loyalty schemes give the most freebies.

What’s your best travel tip?

Please leave a reply or share this on social.

Abu Dhabi bound, BA Club and Simon Hackett Shiraz

Are you Fed Up with your Mobile Phone Battery Life?

What would we do without our mobile phones?

Almost surgically attached to our hands, these cameras, social media hubs, and email in boxes run our lives and our businesses.

With all that computing going on it’s hardly surprising that batteries struggle when we fire up so many apps. Some days it’s not even noon before the percentage dips dangerously low.

A friend of mine tipped my off about the RAVPower External Batteries. This remarkable little device can charge up a mobile phone eight times before it needs topping up itself.

Well worth a look. It’ll keep your life and your business running smoothly all day. Check the RAVPower unit out on Amazon by clicking here.

Review of the Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa Dubai

Spacious grounds, wide soft sandy beach, thirteen restaurants and bars, three pools and a spa, Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa is a self-contained paradise. You could stay here for your entire holiday and not venture beyond its welcoming doors.

This is Dubai with plenty to see and do though, but staying within Le Royal Meridien’s confines for a few relaxing days is a oasis for your mind and body.

Arriving in its elegant furnished lobby, check in was a breeze and a first meet with one of an army of staff whose sole aim is to give impeccable service. Staff training must be a top priority here because everyone was polite, helpful, efficient and possessed the uncanny ability to anticipate every wish.

Review of the Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa Dubai
Hotel Main Building

At only 9 floors, the building is low in comparison to the skyscrapers of Dubai. We found our room in the circular tower. A suite with separate sitting room beautifully decorated and spacious. A large shower and bathroom filled with fluffy towels and adorned with multiple bottles of sweet-smelling potions.

Our room faced into the city and the marina but you can ask for a room overlooking the beach and the Palm Jumeirah beyond.

Exploring the resort we discovered expansive grounds of well kep lawns, swimming pools and sun bathing areas all leading down to the beach. Whilst it’s a public space, Le Royal Meridien has a private, fenced off section of exclusive sand and we made this our main base for our stay.

A snack bar serves each pool and the beach area so you never have far to go for refreshments. In fact often the waiter arrives just as you realise you want to order something.

They offer huge fluffy beach towels in a pleasant pastel light blue for the comfy sun beds.

The clean deep white sand of the wide beach reminded me of Santa Monica in Los Angeles, except a New York style high-rise skyline lines this particular section of coastline.

Review of the Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa Dubai
Beach at Le Royal Meridien with Dubai Skyline

The highlight for me was the choice and variety of restaurants and bars at Le Royal Meridien.

Le Deck: Near the pool and serving Mediterranean food, my favourite dish was a Thai style chicken noodle dish with bok choi and a pleasant hit of chilli heat.

Review of the Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa Dubai
Le Deck at Night

Maya: Outstanding Mexican cuisine served with mojitos and beer. Check out their tasty chicken fajitas served with warm tortillas, bell peppers, onions, guacamole, salsa roja and crema fresca.

Zengo: Offering an artful blend of asian and latin flavours, Zengo offers a stunning venue and interesting surprising food. Try the boneless chicken wings with fenugreek oil, chipotle and citrus sauce. Don’t miss the chef’s 30 vegetable stir fry. Linger after your meal in the bar and lounge decorated with the same blend of asian and latin influences.

Ossigeno: Traditional Italian cuisine with a twist. Great tasty pasta and a “melt-like-butter” medium well done steak.

Review of the Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa Dubai
Belly Dancer at Al Khaima

Al Khaima:  Arabic food served in an authentic atmosphere with traditional music and the occasional belly dancer. Fans of Shisha can enjoy a sweet-smelling smoke in this open air venue. I started with the Hummous: Crushed chickpeas flavored with sesame paste, lemon juice, sautéed meat and pine nuts. For main I went for Shish Kebab: Marinated tender lamb loin with Arabic spices, onion, parsley salad and grilled tomato.

Shades: A sports bar offering big screen entertainment and a range of burgers and sandwiches along with pints of ice-cold beer.

Rhodes Twenty10: A glamorous and intimate scene with opulent chandeliers, black chic and just a hint of lilac lined with Jack Vettrianno paintings. It’s Euro-inspired cuisine with some Middle East influence. They give you the opportunity to create your own dining experience beginning with your hors d’oeuvres to share, then creating your own main course and finishing with a classic pudding. Great steaks again.

Review of the Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa Dubai
Vettrianno Paintings in Rhodes Twenty10

Pizzeria: Casual dining for families with frshly made to order pizzas and pastas.

Alas we ran out of nights to sample Geales (Fish restaurant) and Le Brasserie (Buffet meals) although the latter was our morning stop for breakfast each day on the way to the beach. I loved watching them prepare fresh wafer this crepes.

The Caracalla Spa, designed with a Roman theme and infused a well-being ambience  offers a holistic range of beauty treatments and unforgettable experiences for the body and mind. Set on three levels the spa is an oasis from the Dubai heat.

I struggle to find any fault with Le Royal Meridien, though the wifi was a little slow but hardly mattered given the surroundings. Excellent service, range of restaurants, ample acreage, semi-private beach and location in the Dubai marina make this a must visit destination.

A question for you: What’s your favourite place in Dubai? Please share your experiences on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn.