Churchill without his cigar

In our politically correct world where the State continues to insist upon nannying us all – I suppose nothing should come as a surprise.

Well the people behind a museum in London dedicated to Winston Churchill and his leadership during World War Two have decided to airbrush out his famous cigar. Which genius made this suggestion? Did they honestly sit in some planning meeting and discuss how they could make the health of the nation better by excising the cigar? And why should a museum have any business tampering with historical images like that.

Churchill smoked damn great big cigars okay? No problem. It was part of his character. Portraying him as he really was is not going to encourage anyone to take up smoking. And non-smokers are not going to be mortally offended by seeing someone with a cigar in their mouth.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t also consider airbrushing off a couple a stone in weight so that his picture could not be seen to encourage obesity. Or perhaps they considered airbrushing out the military uniform so as not to condone warfare.

This great man fought for freedom. Freedom from occupation by evil others who wanted to change our way of life.

Can someone now please free us from the interfering do-goody politically correct jobs-worths who give common sense a bad name?

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