Great experiences covering yoga classes in Edinburgh

I love being a fitness and yoga teacher. What motivates me most is meeting so many people and seeing them make a difference to their lives. They get fitter. Most lose weight. They get stronger and more flexible. And by teaching regular classes I notice the changes and that makes it worthwhile.

Covering yoga classes in edinburgh
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Sometimes I cover other instructors classes when they are on holiday or sick. Walking into a class full of strangers is more daunting but it is just as satisfying.

The only slight problem when covering a yoga class is pitching it at the right level. With other per-choreographed exercise classes such as Body Balance and Body Combat you don’t have to worry about this because everyone is teaching the same moves. With yoga you might make it harder or easier than the usual teacher. Getting the balance right is key.

So I’ve just been out on the road covering yoga classes in Edinburgh. It’s been a week of great experiences.

First up was a hatha yoga class. This is usually the gentlest form of practice. But the instructor had tipped me off that the participants like a little more intensity. So I upped the number of sun salutations and introduced more flowing sequences. One lady was new to class and was pregnant and slightly concerned about exercising. With options she did extremely well. She said she’d be back. I hope she continues once the baby arrives.

Next is was power yoga. Due to last-minute problems at the club I had to teach the class in the bar of the functions suite. The room was very hot and everyone was dripping with sweat at the end. I guess we all found out what hot yoga is like.

Covering yoga classes in edinburgh
photo credit: Edson Hong via photopin cc


As the sweat dried on my forehead, I drove quickly to the next venue for another hatha yoga class. For this one I knew I had to be more gentle. So I emphasised calmness, deep breath and long stretches. Yoga is so versatile. Tough and sweaty in one class and then calm and collected in another.

I saved the best class to cover for last. More hatha yoga . What was great about it? It was an hour and a half whereas the others were only for an hour. The extra 30 minutes makes a massive difference. You can spend more time at the beginning and at the end really exploring breath. You can hold the poses for longer and really feel the benefits.

One lady came up afterwards to say how much she enjoyed the pigeon and frog poses. These really open up the hips. We stayed in them for minutes and not seconds.

That long class was a great end to a wonderful week of covering yoga classes in Edinburgh.

Over to you: I’d love to hear your stories of covering yoga classes. Please leave a comment or share a link.

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