CXWorx core fitness class gaining ground in Edinburgh

CXWorx is a slightly odd name for a fitness class. But don’t let that put you off because for a 30 minute class which focusses on core training exercises, CXWorx really does work. I can testify to the tightness in the tummy muscles it brings and the fires it ignites in the gluteals. Half an hour of torture, great music, weight plates and stretchy bands will leave you exhausted but elated.

CXWorx core fitness class

Les Mills the creators of Body Pump brought this revolutionary fitness class to the UK at the start of 2012. I wondered if it would be a little slow to take off. Not because of any flaws in the workout, CXWorx works as I said, but because some clubs appear reluctant to pay for another licence. Maybe they think their PTs can put something similar together.

Whilst take up as been slow down south, CXWorx is starting to gain a strong foothold in Edinburgh. Blazing the trail has been Edinburgh Leisure who have introduced many classes across the city. David Lloyd have followed and I hope others are interested. Les Mills have held 2 instructor training modules already and more are to follow.

One of my fitness instructor friends has already trained in CXWorx and Karl Fitzpatrick on his Group X site comments as follows:

“30 minutes passed. And job done. Ouch. But you love it. Get the lovely feeling of ache. Knowing you’ve earned it.”

And another is about to take the plunge and do the training – in his CXWorx Blog, Simon Philp reminds us about the benefits of the class:

“Formulated with a carefully structured, scientific approach and unforgiving intensity, Les Mills CXWORX tightens and tones, improves functional strength and assists injury prevention like nothing else.”

So should I consider doing the CXWorx training module?

After I qualified as a yoga teacher in 2010, and as I now teach Body Combat, Body Balance, Power Yoga and Hatha Yoga, I said no more. But there is something about CXWorx. It’s chipping away at my resolve. And as the class gains ground in Edinburgh so too does the feeling that my portfolio might not yet be complete.

Over to you: Have you trained on CXWorx? What did you think of the training module course?Are you a participant? What do you think about the CXWorx core fitness class? Have they made any noticeable difference to your core strength? Please post a comment below and let me know.

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3 thoughts on “CXWorx core fitness class gaining ground in Edinburgh

  1. Roger you have to do it. I think there might still be space on the Edinburgh one at the end of the month.. I am doing CX now about 4 times a week which includes learning what I need to learn for the module. Noticing differences already. Love it… Get on the blower to LMUK and book 😀

  2. Hi Roger, I agree you should definitely do it. I did the module training 3 weeks ago and it has totally re-inspired me. I have been teaching classes for 15 years including Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Attack, Body Balance, Fitness Pilates, BWY Hatha Yoga, Step, LBT etc etc but I had got to the point where I was lacking enthusiam until I did CXWORX. I have neglected my own core to be honest so its great to do a call and also reep the benefits myself, as well as pass on to the class members. I am Group Ex Co-ordinator at David Lloyd Maidstone and we are launching CXWORX in the next few weeks. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    1. Hi Kerrie,

      Thanks so much for your encouragement. And good luck with your launch. I’m really loving my yoga at the moment as well, though not teaching as much as I’d like. Looking forward to hearing about how your launch goes.


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