Fight For You – Review of Les Mills Body Balance release 70

Tough on the legs and front-end loaded.

What I mean by front-end loaded is that the Standing Strength, Balance and Hip Openers are all long tracks taking up almost half the class with their intense strength and stretch work.

By contrast the last 4 tracks fly by in just 15 minutes.

Great feedback from participants about this class. People say it flows perfectly from one sequence to the other. Others give the long tracks a big thumbs up and enjoy the challenge.

Let’s have a look at the tracks (You can click on the links to listen to the tracks on Amazon).

Review of Les Mills Body Balance release 70

Tai Chi Warm Up – You & Me (Flume Remix) Disclosure (feat. Eliza Doolittle)

A Tai Chi track of many contrasts. Slow, aweeping arm circles and soft synth music bookend more energetic move when the drums kick in. Surprisingly tough on the legs we keep low in the knees.

The so called “Wide Wu Chi Energy Ball Release” reminds me of playing volleyball on a sunny beach jumping into the air to hit the ball. I challenge anyone not to allow a huge beaming smile to spread across their face during this sequence.

Sun Salutations – Follow The Sun – Cool Lads

Gentle acoustic guitar and soft harmonica disguise the fact this Sun Salutations has a fast beat. Each 8 counts shoot by and you can struggle to keep up with the moves. It creates a strange sensation. Music calms you but the beat propels you. Appearing to speed up even more in the fourth round I think this is an illusion created by the vocalist singing more words. We add a lunge twist into the sequence but otherwise it’s a typical routine.

Standing Strength – Hold Back The River James Bay

After a few 3 legged-dog knee to nose poses we move into extended warrior and stay for a longtime. Simple arm movements create almost an illusion of movement but our legs stay grounded all the time becoming fatigued as hold the pose. Only a brief shift into sun warrior breaks the flow but were still challenging our legs even then.

Standing Strength – Fight For YouJason Derulo

A great pop track sampling some synth and lyrics from Toto’s 1980s hit “Africa”. Starting with a repeat of the 3 legged-dog knee to nose poses we move next into standing lunges and finally warrior one. The final squat comes when our legs are burning and screaming for a rest.

Balance – Nothing’s Forever Paces feat. Kucka

The longest ever Balance track tires out our already fatigued legs. Plenty of time to set up, modify and perfect each pose. Flower pose, right angle pose and tree pose all held for many moments.

A challenging sequence but perhaps just a little two long for a Balance track. It’s the only one from this release so far that people have asked me to consider mixing out.

Hips – Do You Remember  – Jarryd James

Another long track and another sequence of slow poses with time to savour the deep stretches. Swan pose always takes people to the edge between pleasure and pain. Here we have a an optional splits pose as an extension from the kneeling lunge. Only a couple of people in each class can do this but everyone has increased their range as the weeks pass.

A great piece of music and a great set of moves. The best hips track for a long while.

Core Abs – Always Like ThisBombay Bicycle Club

If your class starts on the hour have a sneak peek at the clock as the Core Abs starts. Is it about twenty to the next hour? That’s how long the first five tracks are. From now on we motor through 4 shorter sequences but the intensity doesn’t let up.

Always Like This makes me smile. A stand out Core Abs track with a punishing set of crunches, cycles and leg extensions. Only 4 minutes long but listen to the sounds of groaning from the people with burning abdominals.

Core Back – Brother  – Need To Breathe

A clam start with a baby cobra (or up dog) gives way to a tough side plank and then the intense wild thing pose. Precise cueing required to get people into the correct position. Bridge pose gives us a rest in the middle unless you want to find the full back bend in which casethe pace never lets up.

Twists – Aerial Love  – Daniel Johns

Finally we start to chill out. Child’s pose thread needle twist. Standing to diver’s pose and forward fold twists then back to the floor. The end is in sight.

Hamstring Stretches – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – Hummingbird

A mellow, chilled out version of a Scottish classic pop song, it still took me a while on first listen to work out what it was. So slow compared to the Proclaimer’s original. Slow and delicious forward bends and hamstring stretches and we finish up in happy baby pose. Relaxing and calming after all the hard work.

I’m still tempted to replace this with the up tempo Proclaimer’s version one day to surprise my class. But I think it would ruin the calmness.

Relaxation and Meditation – Sileo Rhian Sheehan

A lovely piece of music but short as we have little time left. Could have done with a longer relaxation given the intensity of the first half of the class but these 5 minutes certainly feel deserved.

Overall another solid and challenging release. I’d like to see a return of the more flowing Tai Chi Warm Ups but apart from that a great big thumbs up from me again.

Now it’s your turn:

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4 thoughts on “Fight For You – Review of Les Mills Body Balance release 70

  1. Can’t agree with you about the ‘flow’ – I don’t feel a lot of the tracks flow nicely like the previous 3 releases. The tai chi – apart from being killer good on the legs – isn’t good. I think the whole delicate beauty of the tai chi is lost here.
    Agree standing strength is excellent and the hip track is stunningly amazing! But that’s where the joy stops for me.
    The twists don’t flow – we’re on the floor one moment, stood up next and back on the floor to end. Music is not great either – Track 4 is shockingly awful!
    But still I go because I love BodyBalance, but seriously looking forward to 71

  2. I agree with your analysis, especially about the balance track. I love this releaase with its repeated motifs flowing through the tracks. So well constructed, great levels of challenge but with lots of options for all to enjoy and progress.

  3. I was meh on 69 but I am enjoying this release. I don’t think the individual tracks are particularly outstanding (except hips), but it works very well as a whole. The vocals on the balance track are irritating, but luckily the challenging moves provide distraction. Overall I am finding a deeper calm in this release on account of the music and the challenging-but-unfussy choreography. The mind can really relax while holding the poses and listening to the understated music.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I have to use the PPL Free Cover Version CD at certain clubs. Usually the cover versions are inferior (sometimes the same – on this release T2 and T9 are covers on both) – but for once the cover version of the Balance Track is vastly superior to the original – a male vocalist without the irritating whine.

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