The final flight of the British Airways Boeing 757

It took an act of outstanding geekery on my part to be reminded of the amazing resources that the internet gives us.

In my last blog entry I mentioned the last British Airways Boeing 757 being repainted in the famous 1980s Negus Negus livery to celebrate her impeding retirement.

Well I got a text from a friend saying that the aircraft’s final flights would be on the Edinburgh run. Having spent nearly 15 years shuttling between Edinburgh and London, often on this maginificent aircraft, I decided on a whim to be on that last rotation out of Heathrow up to Edinburgh. This involved travelling down simply to come back.

british airways boeing 757

It was worth it. There was a real sense of occasion. Old Captains and crew were on board as were other geeks like myself. The take off was spectacular. Why? Because the 757 was built to be overpowered and due to noise restrictions rarely used 100% thrust. But we were allowed to as a special treat on that take off. Forced right back into my seat, we roared into the sky after maybe 10-15 seconds. Breath taking.

But that’s not the point of the blog. As we pushed back from the gate I noticed a ramp agent (one of the guys in the yellow coats) – using his iPhone to film the last ever BA 757 push back at Heathrow. I looked down at him from the front row seat and I knew he had me in his sights.

When I got home I went onto You Tube and it took me 2 minutes to find that video taken by the ramp guy. How surreal to see the scene from the other direction. I could see myself looking down at the camera through the aircraft window.

Just goes to show that there is very little you can’t find on the internet of you go looking for it.

A little more search and I managed to find a few videos relating to that final departure. Here is my favourite. The take off in all its noisey powerful kerosine soaked splendour.

Just stunning.

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  1. I remember when they started coming in to replace the Tridents. Tristar 200 from Dhaka and onto the Glasgow shuttle. Off a Rose and onto a Castle.

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