First Impressions of Les Mills Body Balance release 65

About to hit fitness clubs across the UK, Les Mills Body Balance release 65 delivers a stunning return to form.

The previous class bombed after an unbroken run of twenty crackers.

Fiddly choreography combined with a poor music choice meant my participants encouraged me to mix it out quickly.

They’ll love this new class though.

Unfortunately Les Mills chose to run the Body Balance Quarterly Workshop at exactly the same time as the Body Combat masterclass. I had to choose between the two and Combat won by a coin toss. So the following first impressions come simply from watching the DVD.

Les Mills Body Balance release 65

  • The Tai Chi Warm Up feels ballet in style. We repeat two flowing moves throughout. It warms you up more than you think.
  • The Sun Salutations sees the return of the Shiva Move (albeit in reverse) and a sequence of wide leg folds provides variety.
  • Long tracks for the Standing Strength, Balance and Hips challenge our strength and stamina. A great cover version of the U2 song Ordinary Love too.
  • No planks for a change in the Core Abs track – but don’t worry it still hurts.
  • Oh look (side) planks in the Core Back track instead. The Core tracks have a country feel to the music.
  • Fabulous mellow music guides our stretching in the double Forward Bends and Hamstrings track.

I’m exited about Les Mills Body Balance release 65. It looks like a challenging but achievable work out (watch out for a couple of quite advanced Yoga Binds) set to a great set of tunes.

Now it’s your turn:

Are you a Body Balance instructor? What do you think of Les Mills Body Balance release 65? Please leave a comment or a link to your own thoughts.

6 thoughts on “First Impressions of Les Mills Body Balance release 65

  1. I loved this release at the Quarterly workshop. So beautiful and flowing, the moves with the music felt utterly luxurious. Challenging core training, and then a return to bliss.

  2. Looking forward to delivering another fantastic yet totally different Body Balance 65 class. Love the challenging moves. If I need them I’m sure many members will too. Lots of options. The pregnancy options seem well delivered. The members have loved 64 and I am sure they will love 65. Love the music too!

  3. I have just started going to Bodybalance, had never done any yoga or pilates before and was more of a Combat girl. I had to slow down due to a chest injury and I choose to go to Balance and so release 65 is my first release. I have to say I’m absolutely loving it. I took me precisely two classes to really get into it and I am already a convert. This release is beautiful but challenging as well and I already feel a sense of strength and calm!! 🙂 I hope all the release are like this.

    1. Well done Andrea and thanks for your comments. BB65 is superb. I’m just about to write my full view so watch out for that shortly.

  4. This was my first ever gym class and I was challenged the first few times and LOVED it after that. I’ve been doing it three times a week for three weeks and enjoy the burn. Now we have 66 and I’m a beginner again! I’m not sure how I feel about 66 yet But I think 65 Will always bemy favourite. I want to buy the dvd!

  5. I absolutely love it and have tried to buy the dvd, but I can’t get hold of a copy. Could you suggest where I could get both the dvd and the cd?

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