First Impressions of Les Mills Body Balance release 67

It’s nearly 2015.

After the excesses of Hogmanay, fitness classes will soon be packed with people trying to work off “holiday bloat”.

What better way to get started than to see the New Year in with the latest Les Mills releases.

Are you ready for Les Mills Body Balance release 67? I’ve been learning the moves and listening to the music for a few weeks now. Here are my first impressions.

First Impressions of Les Mills Body Balance release 67
Tai Chi Warm Up
  • Diana Mills, one of the programme choreographers, was pregnant during the shoot. You can be sure that this release is perfect for expectant mothers. Plenty of options. Though I did cringe slightly when I saw Diana deep in Swan Pose with her heel pressing deeply into her tummy.
  • “Back to basics” is the theme of this release. Perfect for a New Year with many first timers coming to class.
  • Our warm up consists of a lovely simple Tai Chi sequence and a traditional sun salutation flow. No complexity allows you to master the basic moves quickly.
  • We hear two completely different songs for the Standing Strength routine. A departure from the usual, “play the song twice, once on the right and once on the left”. You’ll see a new version of Warrior 2 pose here. The Joyous Warrior. And although they don’t mention it by name that looks like a Humble Warrior to me.
  • At 8 minutes, the hips track delivers intensity. Glorious stretches and we spend a long time in Swan Pose. The song is a lovely one but becomes weird during those swan poses. What do you think of that long Outro?
  • At only 2 minutes 30 odd seconds it’s the shortest Core Abs track ever. And it’s not a trick like last time. There’s no second, longer one to surprise you.

Looks like another solid class. Can’t say I’ve been blown away by it and I’m struggling to decide what’s the stand out moment. Probably the hips track.

Now it’s your turn:

Did you go to the Quarterly Workshops? What do you think of Les Mills Body Balance release 67? Are you a participant? Have you been to the new class? Please leave a comment below or a link to your review.

4 thoughts on “First Impressions of Les Mills Body Balance release 67

  1. I must admit I wasn’t ‘wowed’,when I first watched BB67 on download. Found the music quite different. That all changed when I attended the quarterly. Totally fell in love with the music and joy of it all. Can’t wait to teach it!

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