First Impressions of Les Mills Body Balance release 69 after Edinburgh Quarterly Workshop

What do you think of the new release of Les Mills Body Balance?

Les Mills Body Balance release 69

If you’re an instructor you’re probably already teaching it. If you are a participant you’ve probably already done it.

Which means I’m late with my first impressions post. Although my full review will follow shortly, here for completeness were my impressions of the new class I experienced at the Quarterly Workshop.

  • An energetic Tai Chi set to Fat Boy Slim’s Praise You feels like a full aerobic workout. A shock to the system. Only settling into a true Tai Chi flow in the last section the track is a tough one.
  • By contrast the Sun Salutations is mellow to the point of slumber. Were the first two tracks meant to be such polar opposites?
  • Standing Strength presents two warrior pose sequences bookended by three-legged dogs set to a piece of music repeated twice.
  • Balances are tough. Moving from half-moon pose to aeroplane to twisted half-moon pose brings on serious wobbles. A short but interesting sequence.
  • After some tough Core Abs tracks in recent releases, at the Quarterly Workshop I felt this was an easier set of exercises. Having since practiced and then taught the sequence it’s deceptive. Short and tough. Without proper form though participants might feel this one in their legs. We need to focus coaching on the lower back and core.
  • A double Twist Track with revolved triangle pose which is always a challenge.
  • Forward Bends is a long mellow track with plenty of time to explore deep stretches.
  • Good to hear Stanton Lanier back in the relaxation. Though the “plink plink” of his piano is perhaps to similar to the forward bends music and doesn’t offer enough of a contrast.

Les Mills gave us a bonus Balance track this time around with the infamous bird in a basket pose. It’s optional. Those instructors teaching less advanced participants may never even use the bonus track. It’s a good idea to keep it separate in my opinion.

But in a release I would describe as plain and unremarkable it’s ironic that the attention grabbing track is the one that most people won’t see.

Now it’s your turn:

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One thought on “First Impressions of Les Mills Body Balance release 69 after Edinburgh Quarterly Workshop

  1. Musically, this release is amazing – except track 9 – awful voice! The tai chi is stunning – love every moment of it. Fab moves up to track 7 then I feel the release is not as good as 68 😉

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