First Impressions of Les Mills Body Combat release 59 after GFX2014

I’m in learning mode.

My DVD and music CD for Les Mills Body Combat release 59 arrived last week. So having experienced the new class live at GFX2014 in Glasgow with about two thousand other people, and watched the master-class, what do I think of number 59?

les mills body combat release 59

Let’s be honest people loved the last one. Some described it as the best ever. For me it was a grower. I hated the music at first but once I started teaching it it blossomed.

With 59 I think the music is better with some catchy tunes. I find myself whistling that “Lost In Space” theme tune without realising. So I’m off to a much better start with 59 and it’s looking good.

  • There are sword moves and sound effects in track two. For many years at Christmas I’ve revisited an old track from release 10 for the cheesiness of the swords. This one brings swords into the 21st century. I’ll have to find another Christmas song.
  • All three power tracks have sing along memorable choruses.
  • Fans of the capoeira track “Spitfire” from a while back will love “Danger Zone”. Track 6 is a mixture, again, of Kung Fu and capoeira but with added plyo-metric lunges.
  • What about those “leg escape” moves?
  • And did I say how hummable “Lost in Space” is?

So I’d better get on and learn this so that all my classes can feel the pain!

Now it’s your turn: Have you seen Les Mills Body Combat release 59 yet? Were you at GFX2014 Glasgow? What do you think. Go on. Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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