First Impressions of Les Mills Body Combat release 63 after Glasgow One Live Event

One Live hit Glasgow in March to showcase the new Les Mills releases to a combined audience of instructors and participants of thousands.

Previously known as “Super Quarterlies”, or “GFX”, One Live is a joint venture between Les Mills and Reebok to fill large venues with fitness fanatics.

The atmosphere was electric as always and the new classes delivered by the UK Training Team with Rock Concert style PA systems.

One Live has a language all its own. People were there to “Smash it.” To “Crush it” and to “Kill it!”

You could use any of these words to describe Les Mills Body Combat release 63.

So what’s it like?

The programme directors have subtly changed the class.

  • The Upper Body Warm features an often used in Body Combat music sample (as far back as release 10). A red herring it leads us into a warm up with a different feel to almost any other.
  • Track 2 is basically one move repeated about a million times.
  • The song to Power 1 (Track 3) is catchy. You’ll hum it for days afterwards. And the moves rock your shoulders too.
  • We hit the floor in Track 4. What? Trust me. It works.
  • There’s a synth riff in Track 5 I’ve heard before in Body Combat. I’m usually pretty good at remembering but this one took me ages to track down. Can you remember the original? Strike a pose and think about it.
  • The Jump Kick is back. The first time it’s ever appeared in track six.
  • Hovers, side planks appear in the conditioning track.

Release 63 feels like a step up in intensity. Just subtle changes but you’ll feel the results and you’ll sweat like a tap.

And now the learning begins.

What do you think?

Were you at One Live? What did you think of Les Mills Body Combat release 63? What about that track 4? Why not share your thoughts by leaving a comment or a link to your own blog?

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