First thoughts on Les Mills Body Combat release 61 after Edinburgh Quarterly

Another blistering martial arts workout descends on Edinburgh after a very short summer.

It only seems a few weeks ago I was raving about the 15th Anniversary Body Combat release. And now here’s another one.

But is it a worthy follow-up to the intensity of that last one?

Les Mills Body Combat release 61

Yes I think it is.

In a packed out studio, instructors from across Scotland sweated, grunted, groaned and shouted their way through the masterclass and education.

So here are my thoughts on the tracks.

  • A couple of upbeat warm up tracks take our heart rates up high immediately. The Muay Tai knees section felt particularly intense for a warm up.
  • We fact two lower tempo leg conditioning tracks and again feel the burn of the “Switch Lunge”
  • The song “So What” from track 4 was originally in Body Combat release 27. In the notes programme directors Dan and Rachael acknowledge that “you might remember this music from way back”. I do remember it from way back and I remember paying for it. Whilst it’s a great piece of music I’m left a little grumpy at having to pay for it again. It’s not even a different mix.
  • More “Superman Punches” in another long heavy rock Muay Thai from Airbourne.
  • Track 8 is different from the usual format and all the better for it. A relentless mix of different punches which genuinely blasts the shoulders.
  • There are Jaguar’s (the animal not the car) in what is perhaps the weirdest ever conditioning track. I works though.

Les Mills Body Combat release 61 will exhaust you. Take plenty of water to the launch classes and for goodness sake don’t forget to breathe.

Now it’s your turn:

Are you a Body Combat instructor? What do you think of Les Mills Body Combat release 61? Please leave a comment or a link to your own thoughts.

One thought on “First thoughts on Les Mills Body Combat release 61 after Edinburgh Quarterly

  1. What makes this martial arts workout in Edinburgh particularly intense or exhilarating, and how does it compare to previous events or workouts of a similar nature in the area?

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