GFOC Episode 9 – Zumba and Fitness Instructor Entrepreneurs with Angela Dickson

If you are a group fitness instructor there are two ways that you can ply your trade. First of all you can work for fitness clubs. Secondly you can go out into the community hire a hall or build your own studio and run your own classes. With Zumba we saw an unprecedented number of group fitness instructors developing their own businesses in the community.

Today I’m talking to one such entrepreneurial group fitness instructor, Angela Dickson.

Group Fitness Over Coffee CoverI’ve known Angela for over 15 years. In her time Angela has also done Les Mills Body Combat, Body Balance and still teaches Les Mills Body Attack, Body Step and Body Jam. In Scotland she has been one of the most successful group fitness instructors in the community, often filling University Halls with hundreds of participants in her Zumba and now Insanity classes.

Angela give some great tips to instructors looking to take their classes out of clubs and into the community. You seriously cannot miss this fascinating interview.

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