GFOC Episode 3 – Body Combat release 58

Welcome to the first episode of Group Fitness Over Coffee for 2014. Happy New Year to you all!

Group Fitness Over Coffee CoverI’ve dedicated this episode to Les Mills Body Combat release 58. Listen to my thoughts, as an instructor on this amazing work out.

Listen to fellow instructor Simon and I discussing the ins and outs of the class and hear my chat with Rachael, a combat mad participant.



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Now it’s your turn: Group Fitness Over Coffee is still a relatively new podcast and I really need your opinion. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think. What would you like to see on the show? Who would you like to have appear? Have you anything to add to my thoughts and those of Simon and Rachael about Body Combat release 58. Again – post your thoughts and opinions.

3 thoughts on “GFOC Episode 3 – Body Combat release 58

  1. Great podcast, really informative for those of us who participate or want to participate in future. It’s good to hear the thoughts of both instructors and participants as we often see releases quite differently!

    I did BC58 for the first time yesterday (I’m one of those front row nutters) and have say I was surprised at how different this release feels. Would say it’s a tough one with some fairly complex timings but once I’ve got to grips with that then I’ll be able to ramp it up!

    Feeling a bit sore today but 10 or so classes at the gym on the first week of the new year will do that to you!

    Looking forward to doing 58 again on Thursday already!

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