Goodbye BA 757s

If you have flown in or out of London Heathrow in the last few days you might have performed a double take. Is that a British Airways aircraft in an early 1980s livery? Well yes it is but you haven’t fallen back through time.

The Boeing 757 was introduced into the BA fleet 27 years ago and after years as the workhorse of short haul routes it is finally being retired. To celebrate BA has repainted the final 757 bird in the retro colours of its formative years.

What an awesome machine – single aisle and yet driven by such powerful Rolls Royce engines. Take off and climb even when fully loaded is steep and quick.

When I started traveling as part of my job the 757 helped me get over my fear of flying. After a while I learned what every buzz and click and whirring sound represented. The retraction of the flaps, the sound of the spoilers. Fear of flying comes from fear of the unknown. Learn about what you don’t know and you can conquer your fear – unless of course you are bouncing around in severe turbulence and then I find that fear comes crashing back. Did I say crashing?

Of course, all those years ago, flying on these birds, even on domestic shuttle routes, you would get a three course hot meal in the evening and as much drink as you could handle. A far cry from the thimble full of coffee and the biscuit you get today.

It’s a pity then that as well as deck the final BA 757 out in retro colours, they didn’t also decide to furnish her with retro service as well.

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