Do you believe in climate change?

Seriously I do believe in climate change.

The Earth’s climate is constantly changing and has done for millions of years. There have been ice ages, floods, famines, droughts and the blistering summer of 1976. Of course we should be concerned if sea levels are rising and people’s lives are threatened.

What I am not convinced about is how much of this is our fault, and how much this new religion of Global Warming is just the latest scam adopted by Governments and the media to scare and tax the population.

Is this the latest millennium bug? That was supposed to herald disaster for mankind but it turned out to be a false alarm that could probably be traced back to innocent speculation by a scientist asked for an opinion at a conference out in the sticks somewhere. Yet we spent billions fixing a problem that didn’t exist.

So now we are spending millions trying to fix climate change when we don’t really know for definite whether we can fix it or whether we are responsible for it in the first place.

But do you know what?

Given that in Scotland we are used to summer being the hottest day of the year, I’m prepared to briefly forget all the Government retoric and media nonsense – and just thank climate change for the fantastic week of lovely weather we have just had up here.

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