First impressions of Body Balance release 60

I usually get my first impressions of a new release of Body Combat or Body Balancefrom the Quarterly Workshop that we instructors go to. The UK training team deliver the new moves in a motivational Masterclass.

On this occasion however I couldn’t make it along to the workshop so these thoughts are based entirely on the instructional DVD.

In my opinion Body Balance has been consistently good since release 39 which I thought was the last average one. Fortunately release 60 does not disappoint. It is another great combination of music and moves and a challenging workout.

Body Balance release 60

Here are my initial thoughts about Body Balance release 60.

  • I love Tai Chi warm ups with plenty of arm circle movements and this time we have arm circle overload. This is a lovely opening sequence with plenty of variety. Get deep into those bow and arrow dips and your legs will burn.
  • Bruno Mars’s Grenade is the catchy melodic song choice for Standing Strength. Watch out for a slightly different take on extended warrior two pose.
  • The Balance track is actually two pieces of music and lasts over 8 minutes. We explore tree pose and extend one leg out to the side and straight. In the second part of the balance sequence we try bird pose again. Not a favourite for some but always a challenge for many. But this time we have a new challenge. Les Mills call it “bird in a basket” pose but yoga people will know it as “arm pressure pose”. This is advanced. A challenged heaped upon a challenge.
  • The Hips track needs only one word. Frog.
  • Abs is another blur of crunches, side planks with added hard work and hovers with challenges. Ouch.
  • Finally we finish with a nine minute double forward bends track which will let you finish the class feeling lengthened and content. Once again we revisit the Tai Chi to top and tail the workout.

Body Balance release 60 is fabulous and I can’t wait to teach it. I’m a little bit worried about that “bird in a basket” though.

Your turn: Have you done Body Balance release 60? What do you think? Please leave a comment on the blog and share your thoughts. Good or bad – please bring it on.

6 thoughts on “First impressions of Body Balance release 60

  1. Roger, if you get chance its certainly worth a trip to a QW to chew over the emphasis behind the challenges in the Balance track in getting people to try and then go that little bit further week on week.. A great little release, like you I can’t wait to get out there and spread the word by teaching it!!

    1. Thanks Dave. There was only a SQW in Scotland. No other workshops at all – and I couldn’t get cover in order to attend. It will all be from the DVD this time….

  2. I have only very recently started balance. It was September last year. I am very very inflexible but I love it! I was advised by my physiotherapist that it would help with my back….and it does! Challenging (and embarrassing at times!) but I feel so good after it. Never mind bird in a basket, I just want to be able to touch my toes 🙁

    1. Thanks for your comment Kirsty. Every class you do you will get more flexible.

      When I started I couldn’t get lower than my knees – now I can get all the way.

      Stick at it the results can be remarkable.

  3. I love 60. One of my favourites releases so far. It’s strong with lots of challenges which is great.

    Have just about mastered bird in a basket but don’t think I’ll be taking flight!

    Love the hips track and abs is another killer that sneaks up on you.

    All in all it’s a thumbs up from me!

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