First impressions of Body Combat Release 52 after Glasgow quarterly workshop

So what is the new Body Combat release like?

Another three months has passed for Les Mills instructors and it is time for the new releases of each of the classes. I drove along to Broadwood Stadium on Sunday for the Glasgow quarterly workshop for Body Combat Release 52. Having spent the morning teaching my normal classes I was already quite tired so this very energetic and extremely cardio based class really hit me hard. That’s a good sign though isn’t it?

There were probably 50 Scottish Instructors in the room (only three of us were males) and the atmosphere was amazing. Giovanni Sacco, the National Trainer, was his motivational best, combining good visual teaching cues as well as the verbal stuff.

It was a blur of sweat, shouting and trying to breath – but here are the highlights of what I remember.

Body Combat Release 52 Glasgow quarterly workshop

  • The melody in the warm up song is so catchy that I was humming it all the following day
  • I couldn’t believe how many kicks there are in track 4
  • My shoulders were painfully on fire after another sing-along second power track
  • Capoeira creates the same burn in the glutes and you’ll even hear a siren as the flames lick higher
  • The muay thai section is very long, quite repetitious, but I guess it works because I was breathless at the end
  • In the education session Gio asked, “What is the hardest thing about teaching Body Combat?” The immediate reply from an instructor was, “Breathing!”

So here we go again. The learning begins and clubs will be launching the new classes over the next month or so. Take a deep breath everyone, you are going to need it.

Watch out for a full review of the class once I have learned it and taught it a few times.

Over to you: Are you a Body Combat instructor? What were your first impressions of release 52. Please leave a comment by clicking below, I’d love to know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “First impressions of Body Combat Release 52 after Glasgow quarterly workshop

  1. Hey Roger. Loved this new release. It flowed really well, certainly the first half. It was kinda tough to kick hard or high in amongst the 400 people doing it in Bristol, so I’ll look forward to doing track 6 properly soon. We had Dan & Rach teaching the class, so that was a memorable moment for all of us. They are brilliant 🙂

    There was nothing I disliked about it, so I look forward to learning it and teaching it to the members soon.

    Had a great weekend of combat, over 4 1/2 hours over the 2 days. Now I hurt.

    1. It was my shoulders that were wrecked after the QW. I’ve also been teaching an older track from the 30s with gingas and side kicks in it – without realising we are going to be doing more – so a hasty re-mix needed for the next week or so!

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