First impressions of Body Combat release 55

I usually get my first impressions of a new release of Body Combat or Body Balance from the Quarterly Workshop that we instructors go to. The UK training team deliver the new moves in a motivational Masterclass.

On this occasion however I couldn’t make it along to the workshop so these thoughts are based entirely on the instructional DVD.

body combat release 55
BC55 DVD Title Screen

So here are my first impressions of Body Combat release 55:

  • The upper body warm up is a very catchy tune and I’ve hummed it pretty much all the time since I first heard it.
  • Track two is another dubstep piece of music. I have a love hate relationship with dubstep. Sometimes I think it is innovative and interesting and on other occasions I feel it just makes my ears bleed.
  • Capoeira is the focus for track two with deep gingas, lunges and the return of the evasive side kick complete with the scary jumping version, the guest presenter on the DVD leaps into the stratosphere. No roundhouse kicks in track two. Is this the first time ever?
  • There are no jump kicks in track four. In fact the choreography for this one is very different. If it had been faster I would have thought it was a Muay Thai track.
  • The music choice for track five is interesting to say to say the least. When the  programme director starts the song by saying that of all the music in release 55 this is the one we will love the best, I suspect that means it is the one people will ask me to mix out first.
  • Jumping knees are back in the Muay Thai track itself.
  • The power climber move in the conditioning track is going to hurt.

So there we have it. I am learning Body Combat release 55 as I write and it will be coming soon to a Fight Club near you.

Your turn: Have you done Body Combat release 55 yet? What do you think? Please leave a comment below. Share your thoughts good or bad.

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