Want Spoilers? Here’s the Les Mills Body Combat release 67 Track List.

Do you want it?

Here it is then!

The Track List for Les Mills Body Combat release 67. Just as you are getting really stuck in and feeling the DOMS from number 66, Les Mills tease us with the next music selection.

Look away now if you don’t want spoilers.

Les Mills Body Combat release 67 Track List

Some oldies and goodies in this set. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs appeared in release 34 and Set You Free by N-Trance featured in both release 20 and release 40.

And Scooter’s back in the house!

All this is coming to a fitness club near you in April 2016.

As always thanks to Simon Philp for finding this list first. Check out his blog  – you’ll find much more Les Mills stuff here!

Now it’s your turn:

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Listen on Amazon:

If you want more spoilers you can click on the links above to see the music on Amazon. They won’t be exactly the same mixes because Les Mills often edit the tracks, and some are Les Mills cover versions and not available commercially.

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