Let it Snow…Let it Snow…Let it Snow

Oh the weather outside is frightful….dum de dum…delightful!

Well after nearly 5 weeks of the thickest snow I have ever seen in my life, forgive me if I hope I never hear that song again. Radio stations I implore you not to play it for at least two years. Okay?

It’s amazing how the whole UK just grinds to a halt when the snow comes. Some argue that we shouldn’t invest in expensive equipment for rare conditions like these, but with a useless car stuck on the driveway for almost a month, and with legs tired from trudging miles in 6 inches of snow, I think there is another case to be made.

Why was the car stuck? Well it is a BMW. These cars are totally useless on snow. And I’m not talking about the really thick stuff. Mine struggles on a dusting. The wheels spin as it vainly tries to grip the road. But it goes no where. A BMW in the snow is no better than a sledge.

So I have missed Christmas parties and on some days taken nearly 3 hours to travel the 6 miles to work. Trips to London have been cancelled because of snow clogged runways, lack of de-icing fluid, and crews out of position. One day I took the decision not to travel to London on the Sleeper Train and cancel my trip. I am glad I did as that very train broke down in the borders and the passengers had to be bussed home.

And on the subject of trains here is a special mention for Scotrail who in my opinion win the award for the most incompetent of all companies during the blizzards. Whilst their website and even the TV screens in the stations continued to proclaim that the trains were running on time, Scotrail were cancelling trains left right and centre. But before cancelling the train they’d have you run from platform to platform for a while, or make you get off one train and get on another before telling you of the cancellation Or they’d simply increase the delay in small increments, lulling you into a false sense that it would actually run. But then that monotonous voice would come over the loud speaker, “We are sorry but the……is cancelled. Scotrail apologies for the inconvenience this may cause you.”

That voice is as monotonous as it is insincere.

So Christmas is here. A real white Christmas. Time to lock the door, open the wine, cook the goose and get ready for the Christmas episode of Doctor Who.

Happy Christmas 2010.

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