Life changing events – leaving work to focus on future opportunities and dreams

Last Friday was my last day as Managing Director of a company I helped to build from scratch over 12 years ago. I was one of 6 people who set out with 6 chairs and 6 mobile phones.For most of that time I was Marketing Director, spending the last year as MD. It has been an amazing adventure and experience. I have met and worked with some inspirational people.

I took the decision to leave and not face the complications of another internal restructuring. This will be the first time in 25 years that I do not have a full-time job, but I have 3 months garden leave to consider my future.

life changing events opportunities dreams
Best wishes.

As well as the day job, over the last decade I have also developed a successful sideline as a fitness and yoga teacher. My passion for yoga and teaching, plus my keen interest and experience in marketing, social media, speaking and blogging suggest to me a whole series of opportunities and dreams. And these are the areas I think I will focus my attention.

Offering consultancy services in marketing and social media, picking up some speaking engagements and of course teaching yoga, Body Combat and Body Balance sounds like an ideal combination – if I can get the business mix right.

I’ve already made a start. On my first day of garden leave I went along to a local club and covered a yoga class. It was a class I hadn’t covered before. In the studio I met 15 ladies who were quite surprised to see a male teacher. That’s hardly surprising as most yoga teachers in Edinburgh are women. An hour later I finished the class in my usual way and invited questions from the participants. Was there anything about what we had done today that they wanted me to explain in more detail?

One lady put her hand up and said, “I only have one question. When are you coming back to teach us again.”

I love that sort of feedback.

So I am sat in my garden, slightly nervous that I no longer have the safety net of corporate life to support me. But I feel very excited about leaving the politics and bureaucracy behind and looking forward to possibilities and opportunities of working for myself.

To quote from one of may favourite songs.

“I’d like to make myself believe.

That planet Earth turns slowly.

It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep.

Because my dreams are bursting at the seams “

Your turn: Have you made a big leap from a secure full-time job into the world of consultancy or full-time teaching? I’d love to hear your stories. Leave a comment below or post a link to your own blogs or articles.


5 thoughts on “Life changing events – leaving work to focus on future opportunities and dreams

  1. Roger, there is definitely a gap for a exercise group during the day for men 50+. I have looked all over for something and there is nothing for someone who is reasonably fit but out of condition. Classes for older people are really chair based exercises for the infirm. Anne goes to a woman’s class for the over 50’s which is run by a physio with a series of dance type exercises to a mix of 60’s 70’s music. She does it in church halls 6x a week charging £4 and gets 40-60 people at each. Most people join by word of mouth. The Body Balance etc I have tried is not really what I am looking for and Body Combat seems too high energy.

    1. Thanks John. I agree there is a market here. Les Mills had a class called Body Vive which was aimed at that market – but they got the marketing wrong and the clubs didn’t “get it”. Getting 60 people in a room for £4 a pop is so much better for the instructor than being paid £20 for the class by a chain club.

  2. Good Luck from us Roger………..
    And I love that your last post is from someone looking for 50+ classes…………I need to move back to Edinburgh and dave and I can sweep up the 50+ people, given we are both past that point 🙂

    1. Thanks Shirley – you and Dave must pop by the next time you’re in Edinburgh. Though I’m the one with time on my hands now – perhaps I’ll pop down to Malvern!

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