Will you lose weight by doing yoga?

There are hundreds of diet books out there. Some suggest certain types of food, others talk about the size of plates and portions. You can find weight loss plans in most daily newspapers and men’s and women’s magazines.

lose weight by doing yoga?
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Let’s face it some are fads.  There really is no magic bullet. You have to burn more calories than you eat. That’s it. The type of food and the size of portions can help, but for most people exercise is by far the best long-term.

Yoga isn’t as aerobically intense as some other types of exercise, like running, but it can help you lose weight especially if you combine it with a few lifestyle changes.

It has many physical benefits. Regular yoga can help keep your spine supple and your core strong. It will help you keep good balance and poise. It also tones and strengthens your muscles, helps boost your immune system and metabolism.

I find that Yoga makes you feel better about yourself and builds confidence. Like any exercise using yoga to lose weight all depends on the style you do and how often.

Try an hour and a half of a more aerobic style of yoga 3 times per week. Or more. Something like Ashtanga, Power, or Bikram yoga

To lose weight by doing yoga you need to think about other changes to your lifestyle. This includes getting enough rest and relaxation, drinking plenty of water, eating a balanced diet, and looking after yourself emotionally. Yoga will help with the exercise and emotional elements.

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So we’re talking good exercise, good breathing, good relaxation and good diet. Take breathing. Before I started doing yoga I didn’t realise how shallow my breathing was. Now it is deeper. Slower. You really notice the difference.

Along with your aerobic yoga 3 or more times per week, also try to mix it with a more gentle yoga style like Hatha yoga so that it is not all about intensity. Then the key is to stick with it and make a really consistent effort.

Over to you: I’d love to hear about how yoga has helped to change your life. Whether you have tried to lose weight by doing yoga or just got fitter. Leave a message and share your stories. And please tweet this article to your followers.

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