Mauritius Part 5: Just a little more on those Dolphins

I still cannot quite get over swimming with these heavenly beautiful creatures. So here is one more photo of them basking in the warms waters of the Indian Ocean with the green jewel of Mauritius in the background.

After this holiday started to fade into the memory as holidays tend to do, we have had the joys of a General Election and the subsequent uncertainty of a Hung Parliament. As chaotic as that has been it has made for nail biting debate on TV, Twitter, Facebook, and in the pub. The final result is bound to create issues for everyone in the UK going forward.

The Ash Cloud is still threatening to take holidays away from families how need a break and creating turmoil for businesses. And if that was not enough British Airways, a company I have admired for years and have been pleased to be their customer, is on the verge of imploding, increasing the the threat to both in equal measure.

The UK is a delicate place at the moment.

At times like these I will always remember my encounter with these creatures unsullied by greed, ambition, power or evil. It re-energises the mind. Makes you appreciate the beauty of nature. Creates confident hope for the future.

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