Review of Les Mills Body Combat release 70 – GFOC Podcast Series 2 Episode 1

In this long overdue episode of Group Fitness Over Coffee, I review Les Mills Body Combat release 70.

So welcome to Group Fitness Over Coffee Series 2 Episode 1.

Rather than write a review this time round I thought I’d record my thoughts as a podcast. Have a listen and then let me know what you think.

Review of Les Mills Body Combat release 70 - GFOC Podcast Series 2 Episode 1

Les Mills Body Combat has changed a great deal over the last 2 years and release 70 saw even bigger changes to the format.

Is it a big thumbs up. Or big thumbs down?

Let’s talk about the new track 1C – the integrated core warm-up. Was the “hip escape move” too hard for people too early in the class?

Does all the floor work fit in a Body Combat class or are Les Mills making the experience too similar to other HIIT classes?

Have a listen to the show and let me know what you think?

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9 thoughts on “Review of Les Mills Body Combat release 70 – GFOC Podcast Series 2 Episode 1

  1. As a instructor I love the changes that have happened over the last couple of years with the program. I wasn’t sure at first and I’ve got to admit I was initially very hesitant to it as it just didn’t seem like the kind of thing that should be (at the time) more of a cardio workout..

    These days, the conditioning, more so than releases prior to.. 64(?) definitely seems to fit in with the whole ethos, especially when you consider the increased interest in UFC and tying into other areas of interest (such as, yes, HIIT).

    I still have concerns as you have said in the article about what should be considered for the floor work and the intensity in it. Participants for the most part got on with the hip escapes fine although it did take a couple of weeks in some cases to get used to the feel and how to correctly do the move without putting too much pressure on joints etc, this is perhaps my issues with these more ‘complicated’ moves. If it takes more than a minute to understand how to do then perhaps it shouldn’t be done in a high paced class such as this? (I believe you can see participants having issues with the move int he masterclass video from memory?).

    How things progress will be interesting to see, I’ve seen the sizzler for 71 on youtube and it looks like more floor work but my members now come to expect it and I generally keep at least a little bit of floor work in the mixes to keep it somewhat current (and tend not to go older than 10 releases as recommended). Unfortunately I couldn’t make it my local quarterly this past weekend so have yet to sample the next releases delights… (til.. Thursday?)

    (ps. I’ve had quite a few members asking me to bring 70’s track 5 in again as they enjoy the challenge of trying to get through all the mountain climbers..!)

    1. Oh, I have not had chance to listen to the audio, I’ll see if I can get some listened to on the way to the classes tonight

      Thank you for the site

  2. Great review as always. Personally I liked all the combat tracks (2,4,6) but the power tracks lacked sparkle. 3 was soporific and 8 was a nice track but I always want to finish T8 on a high and this just flatlined a bit.

    1 and 5 were mixed out quickly by me as a result of participant feedback. Like you say, Bodycombat needs to be unique. I’m hoping feedback from 70 will reach them so they can tweak the format for 72 or 73.

  3. I couldn’t wait to go back to go back to older releases. I have been certified and teaching since release 34. Body Combat is an emotional journey, a release of stress, burst of energy and empowerment. I am so unbelievably disappointed with the focus of the last few releases, not to mention, I physically cannot execute some of this work correctly. I miss the journey. I miss the fight! If it doesn’t change I’m going to have to give up my class. I don’t have the passion to continue like this.

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