What I liked about the Legends Resort Mauritius

review of the legends resort mauritiusHere is my review of the legends resort Mauritius – a list of the highlights.

Lavender scented cold towels given to you before lunch.

All wine bottles on the wine list are part of the AIP – unlike like other all inclusive resorts where they tend to lumber you with grotty cheap house rubbish. The list includes the price for those not on the AIP. Feels good choosing the dearest.

Most of the serving staff are male wearing smart tunics with mandarin collars.

All the staff have spreadsheet memories. They remember your name, tipple of choice, and whether to give you an extra dish of chilli relish.

The second, and larger swimming pool hidden at the far end of the resort near the Banjan Bar. So  ignored by the guests as to almost be private. And the beach was deserted too.

The Banjan bar man who comes and serves you a drink on the beach.

The chilli dip in the Banjan Bar – hot as hell but impossible to stop eating. Eye wateringly pleasureable. The ribs served on their own minature barbeques.

The Ginkgo Restaurant – even the buffets were fine dining.

La Bastide Restaurant – overlooking the bay on its own outcrop. Great bolognaise.

Karma House – worth a blog article of its own. Real fine dining.

Abalone Restaurant – all fish. Not my plaice to comment on this one.

The Red birds that come and sit on your knees. I think they are looking for sugar but they are very cute. One sat on the balcony railing one morning and sang to me. It sounded lovely – but was probaby Red bird for, “Oi tourist. Get me one of those sugar sachets pronto!”

Sitting with a beer watching people falling in whilst water skiing.

The beer glasses in the Grand Bleau Bar are minature yards of ale. They won’t stand up on their own so come with a wooden stand.

The little tray of tiny samosas they serve with your evening drinks.

The Soap Service – yes they come around early evening and let you choose from a range of fragrant soaps. Then they put the one you choose into a little linen bag for you to use in your shower.

Blue Marlin is a local Mauritian beer. Lovely cool and crisp. It is better than the more commercial Phoenix beer which they are supposed to serve you. Ask for Blue Marlin by name rather than simply asking for a beer.

The Spirit Bar – hidden behind trees and almost ignored by other guests. Felt like a private lounge with butler service. The piano player was excellent as well. The barman made the best dry Martini I have ever had.

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