Review and Video of British Airways Club World LHR-LAX on the A380

Have you flown on the A380? Here’s what I thought about my first flight on this gigantic aircraft. I’ve included a short video of the experience as well.

For over a year now I’ve blogged about British Airway’s A380s as they have emerged from the construction hangar, going to the paint shop, and other events such as the first flight. I didn’t think I would have a chance to fly on one of these birds so soon and for that I must thank BBC News.

In July I was watching a BBC report about British Airways taking delivery of their first A380 at London Heathrow. They showed a video of the plane, registration number G-XLEA, landing. Then the reporter mentioned that although the inaugural passenger flight was originally planned in as 18 October, British Airways had just announced that they were bringing that first flight forward to 24 September.

My ears pricked up. I immediately thought, “That’s three weeks of redemption seats that they must have just released.”

I dived for my iPad and surfed to Sure enough within minutes I had bagged three seats in Club World on the upper deck of the A380 for 26 September to LAX. It’s great snapping some business class seats on such a busy route. I’m so pleased that I was watching that news report.

British Airways Club World LHR-LAX
Upper Deck Club World Cabin on the A380

We were very excited as we boarded from the C Gates at Heathrow Terminal 5. Even though the British Airways A380 is a giant plane that carries 469 passengers, they’ve split the two decks into smaller zones. This means the interior feels quite intimate. For example there is a small economy section of only 4 rows right at the back of the plane. They’ve separated each section with bulkheads and curtains so the overall feeling is that you are on a smaller plane.

The crew welcomed us with a glass of champagne and we settled down into our comfortable seats.

Before long we were airborne. The A380 is quiet. The take off roar is almost a whimper. Throughout the flight the sound of the engines was a subtle hum in the background. You can hear people’s conversations across the cabin.

Once above clouds the crew began the service. This is where video and pictures tell a better story. Please watch this short (it’s only 4 minutes) of the services across the Atlantic – British Airways Club World LHR-LAX on the A380.

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Whilst the service was slightly slow (the crew are still getting used to the equipment) I was very impressed with the food. The A380 has new steam ovens and this ensures that the food isn’t burned to a crisp.

British Airways Club World LHR-LAX
G-XLEA at the gate at LAX

After eleven hours of good food, wine and entertainment we arrived at LAX to spend a very enjoyable few days on the beaches of Marina Del Rey, Venice and Santa Monica before our return to the UK on the same amazing and gigantic aircraft.

Now it’s your turn: Have you flown on the British Airways A380? What did you think? What was the experience like in the other cabins, FIRST, World Traveller Plus and World Traveller. Please leave a comment or a link to your own stories.

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