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Roger's Yoga in EdinburghYoga in Edinburgh

I have practiced yoga for over 10 years and have been fully qualified to teach since 2010. I have also been a group fitness instructor (Body Balance and Body Combat) for ten years.

I can teach group Yoga classes in and around Edinburgh.

You can also book private one to one sessions as well as Corporate Away/Motivational days.

I offer two types of class.

Hatha Yoga

This is the most common type of Yoga practiced around the world. The goal of Hatha Yoga is to unite the mind and the body through physical exercise. Roger's Yoga in Edinburgh

You can feel the benefits of practicing Hatha Yoga immediately. Your body may become more relaxed and your mind may become clearer, even after just one session. You will also notice improved flexibility, strength and better posture as you explore the poses over time.

In Hatha Yoga we use a series of poses and focus on our breath. After a warm up and the Sun Salutation sequence we’ll explore standing and balancing poses, as well as seated, twisting and forward bend exercises. We’ll finish the class with a lovely relaxation and meditation.

Power Yoga

Roger's Yoga in EdinburghThis is a much more athletic form of Hatha Yoga – and the traditional style is known as Ashtanga Yoga. Whereas Ashtanga follows a specific series of poses every time, Power Yoga allows more variation in the poses used.

This is more of a cardio work out and we will work through a flowing series (a Vinyasa) of poses and syncronise our in and out breath to the moves. We move from pose to pose quite quickly so your body will become warm. This type of Yoga emphasises stretching and building muscular strength.

Once again after a warm up we will explore two levels of Sun Salutations, before creating sequences of standing, balancing, seated and twisting poses. After the hard work is over, we’ll allow the body to relax with a guided meditation.

Roger's Yoga in EdinburghRoger's Yoga in Edinburgh

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