Spoiler Time! Here’s the Track List for Les Mills Body Balance release 70.

I’m not joking. It’s out already.

I haven’t posted my review of the current Body Balance release yet. And here is the track list for Les Mills Body Balance release 70. We’ll get to see this in September.

If you don’t want spoiling DON’T READ any further. Otherwise have a look.

Les Mills Body Balance release 70

Now it’s your turn:

What do you think of the Les Mills Body Balance release 70 track list? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Listen on Amazon:

If you want more spoilers you can click on the links above to see the music on Amazon. They won’t be exactly the same mixes because Les Mills often edit the tracks, and some are Les Mills cover versions and not available commercially. But it will give you a good feel for what’s on its way.

17 thoughts on “Spoiler Time! Here’s the Track List for Les Mills Body Balance release 70.

    1. It actually is really good!! The tracks arent that as nice as bb69 but once you do it on the mat it feels so great!!! Balamce tracks are a bit challenging. But its fun! ?

      1. Thanks, Roger! I was confused then I’ve heard the song by Grey Street Kids and realized that it’s not that track from the training. I started my body balance about 3 months ago, so I didn’t know that there are different versions of each release.

        1. Yes – in the UK and Australia there are some clubs that won’t pay the music licences for original artists. So each Les skills release now has a separate covers only version. On the list I got my hands in early it seems they incorrectly used the cover version of this song.

          Just to make things more complicated even the originals release will have cover versions on them (you can tell because they will say Les Mills Music Publishing in the credits) and these will be the same across the two versions.

  1. So disappointed with BB 70 🙁 Standing strength is ok, and hips are the best track of the whole release, but the rest is not good. Very disjointed, moving from pose to pose – no flow at all. Feeling sad 🙁 Missing BB68 very much – best release of the year

    1. I agree. Do not really like 70 as much. There are a few tracks I like, but overall I feel like many of the tracks sound the same. Too much etherial, electronica, Enya kind of vibe.

  2. I love this release, it took a few classes to grow on me, the balance track is a bit long, but it makes the other ones easy now

  3. I need help as I can’t find the song for Hips opening of BB70. The one I listened on the website “Do you remember” has nothing to do with the one I listen regularly on BB70 !! can somebody tell me where to find the exact version of BB70 ? I’m practising in Lyon (France) – Thank you in advance !!

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