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Lost in 24

In a doom and gloom world of recession, panics over swine flu and grubby members of parliament filling their own boots at the expense of tax payers, it is great to find an escape in popular culture.

This year, 24 has been outstanding.

Of course the plot’s total nonsense – and we all know that in congested cities like Los Angeles and Washington DC it is not possible to traverse the distances in scant minutes. If 24 mirrored reality the terrorists would have won by the end of episode two whilst Jack Bauer was stuck in a traffic jam miles from the action.

But I have found myself holding my breath on many occasions in the last 22 weeks and now I only have to hold it again for a week until the 2 hour season finale. Will Jack get his stem cell donation from his daughter Kim? Will he have to turn traitor to save her life first?

As if a week wasn’t enough to wait – I now have 9 months to wait for the next season of Lost having just seen the end of series five. As expected it ended as Juliet detonated the nuke that will either save everyone on the island or, more likely, introduce all sorts of other complications. Flash backs, flash forwards, dead people coming back to life and then being found dead in one place whilst they are still alive in another. Total nonsense again but also unmissable.

Of course 24 has given us a great new internet acronym. WWJBD.

I just wonder – if faced with the gloom of world recession, panics over swine flu and especially grubby members of parliament filliong their own boots at the expense of tax payer – just What Would Jack Bauer Do?