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Why I am in debt to frequent flyer websites

frequent flyer websites

No doubt Simon Cowell and Posh Spice, who of course wouldn’t be seen dead in Y (that’s Economy Class – in airline speak), don’t mind, or notice springing £6000 for a return flight in F (First Class).

In the world of Stelios and Michael O’Leary they would have you believe that the only way to travel is on the cheapest possible fares with the seat of the person in front of you rammed into your knees and face after having been marshalled in cattle pens before boarding.

Only the rich can afford the joys of F and J (Business Class) unless lucky enough to have an employer with a generous travel policy. And in a recession even the most generous employer is often only willing to put out as far a W (Premium Economy) fare.

So J and F is off limits to us mere mortals aren’t they?

Think again. Thanks to the invaluable info available online from frequent flyer websites, I now know how to earn enough airline miles to take myself away at least once a year in the luxury of J or even F for only the cost of the tax, and whilst this is not insubstantial thanks to more Brown and Darling thievery, it is no where near the small fortune of the full paid fare.

It just means using one points earning credit card to buy every tin of beans, CD, DVD, gallon of petrol, case of red wine or packet of paracetamols.

Hence how we had a fab trip to Mauritius in F class for less than the cost of a couple of hours being tortured and shoehorned into a 29in pitch seat by Mr O’Leary.

But before Mauritius we had to go to Heathrow and that meant having a British Airways breakfast.

To be continued……………..