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Last and Final Calls, Exhaust Pipes and Vending Machines

Why do airport gate agents say, “this is the LAST and FINAL call…” I wish they wouldn’t. If it is the last call it is also the final one by definition and vice versa. Of course it’s always the last and final call until they make another last and final call which means that the first last and final call was neither last nor final was it?

Why do some people think that adding an exhaust pipe the size of a jet engine to a clapped out wreck of a car makes it cool? It doesn’t. It turns a clapped out heap of junk into a noisy clapped out heap of junk.

Why do can vending machines always take at least 3 attempts to accept your change….and then why do they design it so that the cans drop as far as possible to the dispenser so that they are all shook up and explode in your face when you open them!!