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2 iPad Yoga Apps you must check out immediately whether you are a teacher or participant

Ever since the 1980s when Jane Fonda’s aerobics video, complete with lurid lycra and leg warmers, hit the shelves, we’ve seen fitness resources develop along with technology.

From celebrity programmes for people wanting to burn a few calories in their living rooms, to fitness experts offering ideas, routines and choreography for instructors.

VHS gave way to DVD and we are now firmly in Blu Ray and digital territory. The amount of material available across the internet is staggering. It’s difficult to know where to start. Yoga teachers and participants are particularly spoiled with excellent resources available from world-class teachers including Baron Baptiste, David Farmar, Shiva Rea, Tara Styles and Ashtanga yoga guru David Swenson.

Now for tablet computers like the iPad there is a whole new generation of yoga resources available for download. Two of these apps really stand out because of the sheer amount of detail and richness of their content.

First up is All-in Yoga HD from Arawella Corporation.

iPad Yoga Apps
All-in Yoga splash screen.

The app is video, photo, audio and text-based. You can choose a series of predefined yoga sequences based upon your age, time available and aims, such as strength. Or you can create your own sequences. Then you press play and the app will talk you through each pose in your chosen sequence.

iPad Yoga Apps
Example pose page – with video, text and muscle diagram.

For every yoga pose (and there are hundreds), you get a video of a girl performing the pose, a text description, and a diagram showing the muscles you use. This is a very versatile app with clear instructions and excellent videos.

The second app is iYoga Premium by 3D4Medical.com.

iPad Yoga Apps
iYoga splash page.

Just like All-in Yoga this equally detailed collection allows you to create your own sequences or use some preset programmes. But what sets this app apart from any others that I have seen is the videos showing the muscles in the body.

iPad Yoga Apps
Example pose page with working and stretching muscles shown in blue and red.

For each pose you can see two angles. A quick finger swipe will enlarge one or the other so that it fills the full screen. This feature is an invaluable resource for yoga teachers as it shows you which muscles are working (blue) and which are stretching (red). I’ve found that using this app has helped with my coaching in classes. People really like to know what they are doing. This app is a great prompt for your physical cues.

The videos are beautiful to watch as well as their obvious education value.

Both apps are about £1.99 to buy and the iYoga premium has an in-app upgrade of more advanced poses for another £1.99. I highly recommend both apps to yoga teachers and participants alike.

Over to you: What do you think of these 2 iPad Yoga apps? Have you used them either as a teacher or as a participant? Are there any other apps that you would recommend? Please share your thoughts. Click below where is says – “Leave a Comment” and let me know.