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How the other half travels – BA FIRST Class review

First Class and Business Class air travel is a very expensive luxury, all very well if your company is paying for it, your name is Simon Cowell or Victoria Beckham, but for most of us, is usually reserved for honeymoon treats or lottery wins,

In my earlier blog  “Why I am in debt to frequent flyer websites” I explained how I had learned how to earn enough airline points to travel in big seats for just the cost of the tax as opposed to the very high fares. I signed up for a British Airways Amex card and use it to buy everything. And every year I build up enough points to earn a “companion voucher” which means that I can buy two posh seats with Airmiles.

This year’s destination was Phoenix, Arizona. I knew that British Airways were installing brand new seats in their FIRST class cabin – the so called “New F”, but the chances of travelling on an updated aircraft was still quite low.

BA First Class Review

Hence why I was utterly delighted to see the aircraft pictured above – the gap between every second window in the nose section tipped me off that this one had the new seats installed.

So I decided to make a little video of the experience. Please click on the picture below to see my BA FIRST Class review, including the lovely “Concorde Room” at Heathrow, fine dining silver service at 35,000 feet, snazzy window blinds and, of course, fully flat seats.

Over to you: What is the most luxurious way you have ever travelled. I would love to see your pictures or videos. Please leave a comment or post a link. If you liked this video please Tweet about it by clicking here.

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