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Kittens playing – hilarious adventures with Sid and Lotty

I love videos on YouTube of kittens playing. There are some great ones of them getting to grips with treadmills and photocopiers with hilarious results. Sid and Lotty are providing me with great material as they explore their world.

This video shows them playing with bouncy balls, watching the washer, riding on a brush, trying to understand the bubbles in a glass of coke, and finally venturing outside for the first time.

Over to you: If you like kitten videos, please post a link to your favourite by leaving a comment below.

What can keep kittens amused? Sid and Lotty playing with crisp wrappers

Sid and Lotty have settled in really well and are enjoying playing around the house. Now you can go to “Pets at Home” and buy all sorts of expensive cat toys. Glittery balls, catnip infused mice, feathery birds on elasticated poles, and pretty much anything you can think of.

But these two little stars are happy with rolled up crisps packets.

Sid and Lotty come to Stay

I lost my cat, my friend and constant companion of 18 years last November. Whilst I will never forget him, a house is not a home without a cat. Now two tiny kittens have come to stay and they are already up to mischief as they playfully explore their new surroundings. This is what they got up to on their first day at home.

Tiny kittens playing

Thank you to Lothian Cat Rescue for letting us adopt this two little stars.

Sid and Lotty are now in the house, but Jek my old friend, you are still in my heart.

What on Earth are these cats talking about?

As a marketer I have often been described by colleagues as ‘the guy that does the fluffy’ stuff. I took this to extremes recently when I made a speech at a conference and used a YouTube video of a mother cat protecting her kitten as an example of how we can tap into social media to promote our products.

As I researched this I came across many entertaining cat videos. Just try Googling “Cats trying to understand treadmills” for one hilarious example.

This video has two cats having a chat. What are they talking about? It is so involved and of course cute and fluffy.

Now look on YouTube for all the translation videos that people have done – some of which are bordering on genius. Another example of the power of social media. How are you using it to promote your business or yourself to your clients?