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British Airways First Class Heathrow to Dubai Video Trip Report

First Class air travel is a very expensive luxury.

Fine if your company is paying for it, your name is Simon Cowell or Victoria Beckham, but for most of us, is usually reserved for honeymoon treats or lottery wins,

In my earlier blog  “Why I am in debt to frequent flyer websites” I explained how I had learned how to earn enough airline points to travel in big seats for just the cost of the tax as opposed to the very high fares.

So here’s a video trip report of a First Class flight from London Heathrow to Dubai.

Now it’s your turn:

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The First British Airways Airbus A380 Take Off Video

Continuing my occasional look at the building of the first British Airways Airbus A380, we are getting close to delivery day. It’s been interesting to see this huge aircraft’s construction over the last year.

And now here the first British Airways Airbus A380 take off video.

I still don’t think that the A380 has the grace of the Boeing 747 Jumbo – but it is undoubtedly a magnificent site to see it soaring up into the sky. Or should that be “lumbering”?

Your turn: Have you flown in an A380? I’d love to hear your stories and experiences. Please leave a comment below or post a link to your own blog.

First British Airways Airbus A380 out of the Hangar

British Airways have used Boeing 747 “Jumbo” jets on long haul routes since the 1970s. They still have 57 of these beasts in the fleet. Even today I think that this iconic jet looks beautiful in flight. And if you can afford seats up front (FIRST) or upstairs (Club Class) – or know how to use air-miles to get them – it offers a luxurious way to travel.

But BA has decided that the future of long haul “big” jets lies with the Airbus A380 which differs from the jumbo in that it features a double deck across its whole length. Here is a picture of the first British Airways Airbus A380 coming out of the construction hangar recently.

First British Airways Airbus A380

BA’s reasons for choosing it are that it’s more fuel efficient, quieter, more spacious and can carry more passengers than the jumbo that was designed in the 1960s.

This may be so and I must admit I look forward to trying out the A380. But I have one problem with this double decked leviathan. Compared to the beautiful graceful sweeping lines of the 747, this modern people carrier looks just bloody ugly.

Over to you: Do you prefer the 747 or the A380. I’d love to hear what your experiences of both are. We were promised gyms are cinemas when I imagine economy is still quite cramped. What is the experience like in each travel class?

Please click here to watch my video review of flying BA FIRST Class on a Boeing 747.