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Launching my new podcast – Group Fitness Over Coffee

Do you like listening to podcasts?

I do.

There are some great business podcasts out there including Six Pixels of Separation and Mad Marketing which have inspired my marketing work. I’ve recorded a few financial services podcasts in the past and appeared on a few radio programmes and really enjoy the medium. I definitely have a face for radio!

So I’ve wanted to create my podcast for ages now. And thanks to a little “garden leave” inspired break from financial services marketing, I’ve been working on a podcast for group fitness instructors and their participants, because as you know group fitness and yoga is my other passion. And now I am ready to launch.

It’s called:

Group Fitness Over Coffee

Why? Because I’ve designed each episode to last between 15 and 25 minutes. Plenty of time to grab a cup of tasty coffee, sit back and enjoy the show.

This is what Group Fitness Over Coffee is all about.

“It is the podcast for instructors and participants who want to want to know what’s what with Group Fitness across the world.

With Group Fitness Over Coffee I will share with you interviews, reviews and tips from all Group Fitness programmes from Les Mills, to Zumba. From Metafit to free style aerobics. From Bokwa to Freestyle Fitness Yoga. “

To listen – click on the picture to go to the podcast page or you can search for it on iTunes. But do come back and read the rest of this post because I need your help to grow and develop Group Fitness Over Coffee.

Group Fitness Over Coffee Cover

Have you got a group fitness story that you would like to share? Are you a participant, an instructor, a master trainer, or a programme director with something awesome and motivational that you want to share?

I would love to interview you. Please get in touch.

Do you want to review the lastest Les Mills release or review a Freestyle Fitness Yoga or Metafit class? If you record a 2 to 3 minute audio and send it to me I would be delighted to include it in future episodes.

Now it’s your turn: What do you think of Group Fitness Over Coffee? Please leave me some feedback either here or on iTunes.