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Pippa’s posterior and the power of social media

I saw a headline the other day proclaiming that “Yoga can give you Pippa’s Posterior”. This is just one of millions of references to this now famous rear, but one that attracted my attention more than most due to its link to Yoga and fitness.

Whether you are a fan of the monarchy or not, no one can deny the sheer spectacle of the Royal Wedding and the resultant media frenzy it created. With so much doom and gloom in the world at the moment – the endless talk of coalition cuts, natural disasters, wars and terrorist atrocities – the chance to have a day off work and indulge in some pomp and circumstance was for many the panacea to the winter blues.

The usual celebrities were on hand. Elton John lending his vocal talents to the hymns alongside Victoria Beckham who was actually thought to be singing live as opposed to miming. And as the Queen of PR and original wag she didn’t miss the opportunity to wear an outfit from her own collection.

pippa's posterior power of social media

There were fashion failures with some of the hats resembling rejected monster costumes from the latest series of Doctor Who. And there were fashion triumphs as well, with Pippa Middleton’s tight fitting dress creating a wave of admiration across the world. Many column inches have been devoted to her eligibility and to the quality of her attire. Facebook pages have even been set up in admiration of the shapeliness of her bottom.

I cannot actually believe the number of blogs and the pages of tweets that have been posted on the subject of the bride’s sister’s behind, some of which are incredibly well written and funny.

The power of social media

It has been like a viral marketing campaign beyond the wildest dreams of even the most accomplished marketeer, embracing multiple modes of communication, and once again highlighting the power of social media. It’s a fact that whichever industry we work in, we ignore this rapidly evolving and changing sector at our peril.

If you can create something of interest that grabs people’s attention, then the internet and the social media channel could take over and do your promotion for you. So whether you work as a fitness instructor, or if you sell widgets, as you strive to promote your business, ask yourself a question.

What is your equivalent of Pippa Middleton’s bum?

Over to you: What is your favourite example of something that has gone viral thanks to social media? Maybe it is a YouTube video or a funny photograph. Please post a link to your favourites by leaving a comment below.