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Video Trip Report – British Airways Club World Review London Gatwick to Barbados

It’s always a pleasure to start a holiday in a bit of style.

For this year’s long haul trip to St Vincent in the Grenadines we had to travel from Edinburgh to London Gatwick, then across Atlantic to Barbados and finally a short hop to St Vincent itself.

For nearly nine hours the excellent crew in the BA Club World cabin looked after us. To get an idea of the experience watch the video below – it only lasts for 5 minutes or so. I’ve included shots of the cabin, the food, the entertainment and of course the take off and landing.

Your turn: What did you think of this British Airways Club World Review London Gatwick to Barbados? Have you recently travelled with BA? Please share your experiences. Please leave a comment or post a link to your review below.

British Airways Club World Review London Gatwick to Barbados
Taking off from Gatwick

Revealed – first British Airways Airbus A380 Seat Map

As part of my ongoing series of posts about the first British Airways Airbus A380, which they say will fly passengers for the first time in May 2013, here is a sneak peek at the seat map which BA have published.

first British Airways Airbus A380 Seat Map
British Airways Airbus A380 Seat Map

I remember when Airbus first announced the A380 that there was talk of shopping malls, gyms, restaurants and bars on board. But we all knew what would really happen didn’t we? Once built, this giant aircraft would simply be crammed to the rivets with seats.

So unless you can afford to fly FIRST, Club World or World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy) – it’ll be the same knees into chest cattle class experience for the majority.

Still I believe the plane is much quieter!

Over to you: What do you think of the first British Airways A380 seat map?Whilst the first British Airways A380 has yet to fly passengers I’d love to hear stories of your trips on other airline’s A380s. What’s it like in all classes? Does the economy traveller really notice a difference? Share your thoughts. Click on “Leave a reply” just below and tell your story

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